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Recurrent Ear Infections

Acute otitis media

"Glue Ear"

Otitis media with effusion/Fluid in the middle ear

Snoring / Sleep Apnoea

Not normal in children

Recurrent ear infections can lead to high fevers, irritability as well as damage to the ear and ear drum. Most children will experience this once or twice a year, however, if it is severe or occurring more frequently, then ENT review and grommet insertion may be required. Grommets reduce the number and severity of ear infections as well as improve hearing if fluid is present.

Young children are susceptible to developing fluid build up in their middle ear. If this persists for up to 3 months or if there are concerns regarding speech and language development it may require placement of a small ventilating tube (grommet) to treat it.

Snoring is not normal in children. If it is present most nights and can even be heard outside the childs' room then this most likely represents sleep apnoea. This means the child works harder to breathe at night which may result in restless sleep, being warm or sweaty at night as well as behavioural concerns. The reduced oxygen levels result in increased strain on the heart and brain. Fortunately this can be corrected in 99% of cases by removing the tonsils and adenoids to make more space.

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