Adult Problems

Snoring & Sleep Apnoea

While snoring may be socially inconvenient, it can be a sign of a serious medical condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). There are now innovative non surgical and surgical treatments for snoring and OSA.

Dr Theo has a special interest in modern treatment which is tailored to the individual patient. He works closely with sleep physicians as well as sub specialist dentists to obtain the best results for his patients. While CPAP may work for many people, those who don’t tolerate it or who don’t have sleep apnoea will likely benefit from surgical treatment. This may include nasal surgery to “unblock the nose”, throat or tonsillar surgery or even tongue base channelling. Selecting the right operation for the right anatomical circumstances in individual patients is the key to success and Dr Theo has advanced digital video equipment which allows HD video assessment of the entire airway to determine the best treatment pathway.


Vocal commitments are part of everyday life and important for communication at work and home.

Professional and amateur singers and performers have particular demands and needs.

Dr Theo works closely with many singers and performers, understanding the physical and emotional stresses involved. Other groups which frequently benefit from his expertise include teachers, child care workers, sales people, lawyers, judges, nurses and groups where the voice is important to their everyday function.

As a subspecialist voice physician Dr Theo is happy to treat workcover conditions related to the voice and regularly assesses patients from South Australia and interstate.


Tonsillitis can vary from mildly annoying to severe and potentially life threatening. Damaged tonsils most commonly result in recurrent throat infections with pain, fever and lethargy.

Removal of the tonsils may be indicated if the tonsillitis is severe and/or recurrent. Dr Theo is trained in the use of moden techniques which reduce pain after tonsillectomy.

Sinus Troubles

Acute sinus infections usually respond to medical treatment. However when they become recurrent or the patient experiences chronic sinus symptoms such as blocked nose, facial pressure, runny nose or reduced sense of smell it can be quite debilitating.

Dr Theo has extensive experience in treating the very broad spectrum of sinus conditions and has a PhD in sinus surgery. He is happy to review patients requiring revision surgery.

Independent Hearing Assessment

If you have concerns about your hearing or that of your child we are able to offer an independent hearing assessment.

This provides much more information than a screening hearing test and is invaluable prior to any ear surgery or hearing aid purchase.

Voice & Swallow

The larynx (voice box) is one of the most intricate and finely controlled parts of the human body. A thorough assessment and voice or swallow analysis is available in our Adelaide city office with the latest HD video stroboscope.

We work closely with speech pathologists, singing teachers and clinical voice consultants to give our patients the best possible assessment & treatment.

Dizziness Assessment & Treatment

Dizziness has hundreds of possible causes and is often related to inner or middle ear problems.

A thorough assessment is crucial for diagnosis and treatment. Some patients also require advanced testing which is available in our city office.

Chronic Cough

Cough is one of the most common complaints for which patients seek treatment. When it persists for more than a few weeks it can be annoying, debilitating and even depressing.

Dr Theo is involved with the international cough advisory board amd works cloesly with respiratory physicians, gastroenterologists and allergists to achieve very high success rates for chronic cough

Laryngeal Cancer

Voice change which persists for more than several weeks warrants urgent review by an ENT specialist to exclude the possibility of voice box cancer. This is especially true for high risk patients such as smokers.

Dr Theo has the latest HD (High Definition) equipment to visualise the voice box which means that very early lesions can be detected. He works as part of a H&N cancer team and is uniquely able to biopsy and treat most voice box lesions and cancers under local anesthetic